On the day, Flags were stained

Heroes born not of a little worth

Fought hard with paper flown coloured symbols of peace

Sang to their hearts contentment sniffing quietly

Out here in triumph

In the rogue camp

Lies the bearers of the ‘AK' rounds

Trampled under foot

At the doorsteps of brutality

Is a broken humanity

Of raw taste of hatred

Muddled with the cup of false Patriotism

Still a shred of hope keeps us apart

On this day

National conscientiousness was born



What are we rising to?

What do we say to the same man in the mirror who has neither changed shape nor height nor size

What was new year’s day

But a day when time changed hands to a new dispensation

So we ask

What am I on this new year’s day?

I am what I do with the same time in different choices

I am the tiny pieces of plans

Scattered all round the calendar year

Like a bookmarked important event

Making the most of my day

New year’s day will not become

Givenchy prada nor fenty’s secret

It will become what I take of time and choices

It’s my official Happy new year to you

Dear Medium friends

Keep changing choices with the same time.

📸credits: Canva



an old bristled town

for wayfarers of all clime

Freedoms town of hermits

Freedoms never laboured

growing mighty quickly

calling out in one voice

for all men understand


And in the town of freedoms

we price worth

with paid freedoms

of the ones gone before

creating a path

for this place of

Freedoms to live.



“if I were afraid to be judged”

I wouldn’t speak at all

only now my carefully weighed words

hang heavy on my chest

are they right??

would I speak them now??


the scales of balances

right in my mind

churning em’ out

so if I were afraid to be judged

I wouldn’t speak at all

my mind ever so busy

picking up gold from the dust

of ‘no good' words

on the balanced scale

so you see..

If I were afraid to be judged

I wouldn’t speak at all

a caged bird

isn’t afraid to sing

I wouldn’t speak at all

If I were afraid to be judged


with mouth guarded

I can stand

the critic

“If I were afraid to be judged ”