#My IFFA Story

‘’Great conversations never leave you the same’’ — Ashe

Months after the Innovation for future Africa Summit (IFFA), I reflect on the learnings that shaped my perspective on thinking about innovation. Innovation is not entirely making something new that never existed; it is simply looking at how to improve upon what already exists. No one puts it better than Mallence. Hence, her Tedx remains my best highlight from IFFA, and here is why.

I know, like me, you were wondering which country, and No, it is not the western country you think of but Africa - Sierra Leone, to be precise. What Mallence gives is a powerful picture of the riches & wealth found in excess of nature’s deposits in Sierra Leone and its people and culture, which the west desperately needs to power its economy but wonders why the picture of a poor Africa desperately in need of charity is the most prevalent image in the western media. I loved how she chose to convey her words in the calmest manner I had ever seen, with such a powerful statement in her elegance and fearless glances at the audience. Not one to mince words.

2. A Diamond Expert

Coming from a country with a large deposit of Diamonds, Mallence prides herself on recognizing diamonds in the rough — these diamonds are the people. Introducing the perspective to ‘SHARITY,’ a replicable model of mutual respect and sharing, will better bridge the gap between the west and Africa as opposed to charity donations which bring in inferiority and dependence. The absence of charity produces quality in a self-sufficient manner. Because we have something to give, that is why you come to us!

Her words;

Never see lack; see abundance always, everywhere, even without running water or electricity, and in the rough streets, we can bring out diamonds from the rough.

3. Creativity and passion

As the sole ingredients to innovating for the future Africa, Being the pioneer delegates, we must change the channel. It must start with the image we create that propels our passion for doing what we have to do. The Mallence Lions Base project is one I find so inspiring. We can’t and should not continue to blame our woes on the past. There is enough to move past, which can only start with a new perspective.

I guess we all have to become diamond experts now, people of a continent who can see and mine talents of abundance that so much lies in our backyard. If we all gradually transfer this perspective to 2, 3, 4, 6, 10, we will have more carrying the picture of FUTURE Africa we are all working towards.

I encourage you, dear reader, to watch the full recording ‘Change your channel’ by Mallence https://youtu.be/AfnruW7yERA.

Get a new perspective.



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